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Cortexi has been cleared by clinical trials and demonstrated to be effective in combating multiple underlying causes of hearing loss and problems associated with poor memory.

The mixture contains powerful substances that work synergistically to improve hearing health, alleviate symptoms like tinnitus and ringing bell noises in the ears, and enable normal sleep patterns during the night.  

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Why Choose Cortexi Formula?

Cortexi official -FDA-Approved
FDA Approved

Cortexi supplement is manufactured in a FDA registered facility. 

Cortexi buy 100% Natural
100% Natural

Cortexi the most effective hearing aid supplement, is made up of all-natural, gluten-free ingredients.

Cortexi offer Made In The USA
Made In USA

Cortexi supplement is manufactured in the USA.

Cortexi drops GMP Certified
GMP Certified

Cortexi upholds the highest standards by using pharmaceutical-grade ingredients.

Customer Reviews of Cortexi Supplement

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Verified Purchase ✅

Cortexi did wonders to support my hearing. I work as an audio engineer, so protecting my ears against noise is a must. Go for the 6-bottle pack - it’s the best investment you’ll ever make.

Claritox Pro review by Brian

Verified Purchase ✅

It’s only been three weeks since I started taking Cortexi, but I love how easy it is to take and how well it works to support my mental sharpness. I put a couple of drops in my morning coffee and just go on my way. I’ve even shared my supply with a few friends and they’re already coming back for more! 

Claritox Pro review by Brian

Verified Purchase ✅

I actually took Cortexi on the recommendation of a friend, after I’d already tried everything else. Let me tell you - nothing on the market compares to this. I’m three months in, my mind is sharp and the mental fog has lifted! 

What is Cortexi Supplement?

Cortexi is an innovative treatment for organically restoring hearing and memory while also protecting the ears from impairment. The treatment is available in the form of drops and has been designed to offer a 360-degree solution to reduce the symptoms of hearing loss, ringing bell sounds in the ears, and tinnitus. The formulation was launched in the form of drops and is packed with some of the most powerful and healthy substances that have been proven clinically.

As a consequence of this, you will be able to lead a healthy lifestyle going forward without encountering any difficulties. The efficacy of the liquid in reducing the problems and risks connected with tinnitus and other related disorders has contributed to the liquid's meteoric rise in popularity all over the world. The method ensures that the underlying cause of the disease is addressed and that users are protected from experiencing age-related reductions in their hearing health.

The drops contain powerful nutrients and minerals that are designed to improve people's ability to hear clearly while also protecting their hearing from the damage that can be caused by exposure to loud noises. The underlying reasons for hearing loss are addressed in the formula, which promises to restore hearing health naturally without endangering your health. It helps you have improved hearing clarity by restoring the connections between the brain cells and the ear cells, and it also restores the connections between the two.

The mixture is made up of several plant extracts, minerals, and vitamins, and it is intended to help consumers improve the functioning of their hearing to the fullest extent possible. By using the formula on a consistent basis, an individual is able to address a variety of hearing concerns, reduce the likelihood of experiencing hearing loss, and contribute to the enhancement of their natural and risk-free hearing wellbeing. After checking with their physician, people of any age can take the drop, as the recipe is designed to be appropriate for both men and women.  

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Benefits of Cortexi Drops Supplement?

  • Restrains Inflammation: Cortexi contains some of the beneficial vitamins that help reduce inflammatory situations and lower the risk of experiencing inflammatory damage in the ear cells. It aids in the process of repairing the health of the nerve cells and removes the possibility of ringing sounds occurring in the ear. In addition to this, it assists in the reduction of vibrations and makes it possible for you to experience relaxation and tranquility in your life.
  • Increase the efficiency of the functioning of nerve cells: The breakthrough supplement known as Cortexi offers a wide variety of advantages for one's health. The formula repairs and strengthens the cells in the nervous system. Eardrops are effective because they restore a person's natural state of mind and promote the body's natural process of repairing damaged nerve cells in the brain. It accomplishes this by increasing the amount of antioxidants sent to the brain, which aids in protecting against free radical damage and enhances overall hearing health.
  • Improve the flow of blood in your body: The formulation has been improved with a number of beneficial compounds and components that, when combined, act to enhance blood flow to the nerves and cells of the ear. It increases the amount of oxygen and nutrition that reach the brain, which is necessary for optimal functioning, and it guarantees that healthy blood is supplied to the nerve cells.
  • Enhance Hearing Wellbeing: Cortexi is an ear drop that helps improve one's hearing skills while also offering a hearing aid with a 360-degree range of motion. It aids in achieving optimal ear health by resolving any problems that may have existed and shielding users from any age-related harm that may have occurred.
  • Enhanced Concentration: The dietary supplement known as Cortexi can help you improve your brain's functioning and your level of concentration, in addition to assisting with age-related hearing loss difficulties. It does this by improving your memory capacity and ability while also boosting your cognitive health, allowing users to experience a more youthful state of mind.
  • All-Natural Ingredients: The formulation is made up of a wholesome assortment of chemicals that have been validated through clinical testing, and it assists users in overcoming conditions without having a detrimental effect on their overall health. The compounds have been tested and shown effective in clinical settings, and they are packed with a wide variety of health advantages that can assist users in overcoming a variety of hearing problems in a natural way

How Does Cortexi Support Healthy Hearing?

Cortexi is a 100% natural, highly effective hearing aid drop made from an exclusive mix of plant extracts and chemicals. The formula helps its users maintain healthy hearing by addressing the underlying causes of hearing loss. The formula's creators say that it reduces inflammation in the brain and spinal cord and that it improves hearing by regenerating cells in the inner ear. It specifically targets and repairs the link between nerve cells, which is broken in people with hearing loss.

The anti-inflammatory compounds in Cortexi include vitamins, which are included in the supplement's healthy ingredient list. It reduces swelling in the brain and nervous system and helps damaged cells heal more quickly. It eliminates the potential for annoying chiming noises to disrupt users' concentration and cause them to lose their hearing. The formula's herbs and nutrients are guaranteed to reduce inflammation in the nerve cells, get rid of the vibration sound, and give you back your serenity.

As the solution reduces the cellular inflammation causing the ear and brain connection to break, the nerve cells begin to recover and repair on their own. In addition to improving hearing speed and efficiency, it also enhances memory and mental health by increasing the availability of antioxidants in brain cells. Cortexi also helps because it increases blood flow to the brain and ear tissue. It improves nutrition and oxygen delivery to ear cells by increasing their contact with the bloodstream. It's a risk-free way to improve circulation and the health of the ears at the same time.

Cortexi also helps by promoting complete hearing health from every angle. The solution can help you maintain good hearing health and protect your ear cells from the wear and tear that comes with getting older. The supplement improves food and mineral absorption, helping consumers achieve their best possible hearing health. It improves hearing in all directions by nourishing the cells in the ear. This also helps with the main causes of hearing loss in humans: age-related damage and oxidative stress.

Focus is another area in which Cortexi proves effective. As people age, their ability to concentrate improves, and the formula takes these changes into account. This allows the user to maintain optimal mental health and recall abilities through consistent mental stimulation. It improves users' mental health and cognitive performance, giving them the confidence and optimism of younger people.

Cortexi is an all-natural solution that improves hearing and lifestyle in general. Using the formula on a regular basis can help one's hearing health and performance, as well as reduce the likelihood of infection. This mixture helps people of all ages with hearing loss, and it works equally well for men and women. The Cortexi formula is a safe and effective improvement formula for people's hearing health. It lowers the volume of the bells, so you can get a good night's sleep. This potent concoction is what brings back your energy and zest for life all at once.

Cortexi Quality & Safety Standards

The US facility that produces the dietary supplement has received FDA approval and is GMP-certified for good manufacturing practices. The members of the research team have a wealth of experience in their respective fields. All of the ingredients in this supplement are natural and devoid of genetically modified organisms. There are no additives, stimulants, or poisons in this supplement.

The supplement label contains information on the ingredients and dosages used for Cortexi. Due to its all-natural, herb-based composition, the Hearing Health Formula poses no health risks to its users. The supplement is also not safe for women who are expecting a child or who are breastfeeding a baby. Side effects may occur if the appropriate dosage of the cortexi drink is not followed. 

Cortexi Dosage And Its Expected Results

Each bottle of the Hearing Support Supplement has 60 ml, which is enough for one full month's worth of use. Before eating breakfast in the morning, a full dropper of Cortexi liquid should be taken and placed under the tongue. The dropper can also be swallowed after being dissolved in water.

Cortexi should be taken for at least three months for the effects to last. Although this time frame has been calculated by a team of researchers using a variety of clinical studies, it is possible that it will differ from one person to the next due to factors including age, genetics, and the severity of the ailment.

Consistently using the Cortexi supplement at the suggested dosage and following a healthy diet and lifestyle are recommended for maximum duration of results. There may be long-term benefits to your health from doing so. 

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Our Ironclad 60-day, Money-Back Guarantee

Quietum Plus 60 -Money-back-Guarantee

All purchases of Cortexi's Hearing Aid Supplement are backed by a 60-day, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. If you don't feel better after consistently using the supplement, your money back is assured.

Only purchases made on our official website are eligible for a refund within 60 days of the purchase date. This guarantee does not apply to purchases made from unlicensed merchants.


What are the ingredients backing Cortexi?

Cortexi is fortified with twenty different healthy components and ingredients that have been clinically proven to be effective. However, we are unable to provide an exhaustive list of the components that go into the recipe. As a result, below you will find a list of some of the primary and essential substances. All of the components are natural, and the product is one hundred percent risk-free; furthermore, it produces quicker and more beneficial outcomes without adversely affecting the user's wellbeing. Furthermore, users must strictly adhere to the dosing directions to avoid any adverse consequences from an overdose. The following are some of the active compounds found in Cortexi: 


Maca Root

It is the most essential and basic component of Cortexi, and it is fortified with beneficial minerals and vitamins that contribute to the process of restoring the health of the hearing organ. The material contains nutrients that are necessary for healthy cells, and it also encourages the functioning of healthy cells. In general, the maca root extract is the one that has the most significant impact on stress management and oxidative stress-related damage reduction. Because of its effectiveness in restoring the normal functioning of the auditory system by elevating nutritional levels, it is utilized in Cortexi. It also improves mental clarity and functioning, which are both areas that have been affected by delays in cognitive function.

Green Tea Extract

Green Tea Extract is a substance that has a high concentration of beneficial antioxidants, and it also contributes to the facilitation of weight reduction. In addition to this, it assists in improving the overall health of the brain and slows down the degeneration of brain cells. It alleviates the symptoms of cognitive decline and impairment while also improving blood circulation throughout the body. It also aids in increasing circulation in the cells of the ear, which is beneficial to the health of the hearing.

Grape Seed

Grape Seed is the ingredient that contains a high concentration of antioxidants, and it assists in the process of correcting inflammatory disorders while also reducing pain and aches. It provides relief in a natural way while also promoting the healthy repair of inflammation in the cells of the ear and the brain. In addition to this, it protects the ears from infections and ringing sensations. It is the ingredient that contributes to a reduction in inflammation and encourages a healthy loss of weight. In addition to this, it bolsters the immune system, making it better able to fight off infections.

Capsicum Annuum

It is the ingredient that has been proven effective in clinical trials, and it is known to naturally enhance one's ability to manage inflammation throughout the body. It treats the underlying problem that causes inflammatory disorders and stops inflammation from occurring in the cells of the ear, which lowers the risk of hearing loss, tinnitus, and other inflammatory conditions. It contains a high concentration of antioxidants, and consumption of it can assist in stimulating the metabolism, which in turn leads to the destruction of fat cells and the promotion of weight reduction.

Panax Ginseng

It is an organic compound that is filled with healthy antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents that work together to protect the brain cells and minimize the inflammation in the ear cells and tissues in order to improve the health of hearing. It is a substance that has been shown to have a positive effect on hearing health. Additionally, the medication helps with tinnitus, which is a result of inflammation, and addresses the underlying cause of hearing loss in people, which is inflammation. It is the component that makes it possible for you to have a healthy hearing wellbeing without any difficulties.


It is the organic substance that has been shown to lessen feelings of tension and anxiety while also enhancing clear hearing in the ear. Incorporating the chemical into the recipe allows for the management of stress responses as well as the relaxation and revitalization of the body. It does this by reacting to the mental and physical pressures and making sure that the oxidative stress is reduced. The component assists in cleaning out the ear canal, which in turn contributes to improved hearing health for the user. In addition to that, it lessens the likelihood that damage may be caused by loud noises.

Chromium Picolinate

It is the substance that contributes to the processes of managing blood sugar levels, controlling the count of bad cholesterol, and burning good fat. Additionally, the material contributes to the protection of the blood vessels in the ear, promotes good blood circulation, and lowers blood sugar levels.

Gymnema Sylvestre

It is a medication that is known to improve ear health while at the same time enabling users to overcome a variety of ailments that affect their hearing. In addition to this, it has several neuroprotective characteristics that can be used to improve cognitive health. In addition to this, it helps maintain healthy levels of blood sugar and protects the blood vessels in the ear, both of which are important for maintaining healthy hearing.

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FAQs Related to Cortexi

Yes, Cortexi has received FDA approval, guaranteeing its quality and safety. 

Yes, clinical studies have proven the cognitive advantages of Cortexi, and the supplement's formulation used scientific principles to achieve these benefits. The ear drops have been shown to be effective by a large number of users. 

Yes, Cortexi is a real product that comes from a reputable company and has a solid scientific foundation to back it up. People who want to improve their brainpower are flocking to Cortexi in droves. 

Customer feedback on Cortexi has been really positive. Users who started using the supplement regularly noticed vast enhancements in their ability to concentrate, recall information, think clearly, and get things done. These comments highlight the positive experiences that customers had after using the drops.

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Cortexi Price Details

On the official website of our company, you can acquire Cortexi, a tinnitus treatment supplement, at a price that is suitable for your budget. Single-bottle and multi-bottle packs are available in 30-, 90-, and 180-day quantities, respectively. The following options are available to customers:
1 bottle (30 day supply) – $69 per bottle
3 Cortexi Bottles (90-Day Supply) – $59 per bottle
6 Bottles (180 day supply) – $49 per bottle

Customers have the option of making a one-time payment for the purchase, and there are no further costs involved. Customers can buy Cortexi by visiting our official website, choosing the desired package, adding it to the shopping basket, and then filling out the necessary information to finish the purchase. The buyer should expect the supplement box to arrive at their door within a few days. There are no shipment charges for users from the USA.  

Where should you purchase Cortexi?

Only from the official website should a genuine hearing health supplement be purchased. We do not distribute our hearing aid formula to online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, etc. Purchasing the product from illegitimate sources may expose you to subpar components and shoddy manufacturing practices, both of which can have detrimental effects on your health. Because of our exclusive prices and free shipping, you should get Cortexi only from our official website.

Refund Policy
All purchases of Cortexi's Hearing Aid Supplement are backed by a 60-day, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. If you don't feel better after consistently using the supplement, your money back is assured. Only purchases made on our official website are eligible for a refund within 60 days of the purchase date. This guarantee does not apply to purchases made from unlicensed merchants. 

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*For international shipping (outside of the United States), shipping fees will apply. Read more here. 

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